These images are a part of an on-going series of color photographs of the artifacts of my life on old Pennsylvania farms where I’ve raised children, cattle, goats and hay, and once worked as a painter of figurative and abstract pictures.

I collect specimins from the garden and barn, my wife’s sewing room, the studio and library. Objects and shadows have potency to me, both visual and emotional. The delicacy, violence and eros of plants, nudes, insects and tools, corners of paintings and art books meet in my set ups.

Close-up, layered and abstracted, I want to be surprised by a visual order. For me art begins with wonder, desire and, increasingly, awareness of loss.

As Fairfield Porter once wrote, “Wholeness is as close as you are to yourself and your immediate surroundings.” Experiencing this deep, discovered order one can be transported.

I use a Mamiya 645, a 120 mm macro lens, sometimes natural and sometimes studio hot light, Kodak Portra film and Endura Supra F paper.